The AUKEY PA-E05 Overvoltage protection offers 4 AC sockets and 3 USB ports. The integrated overvoltage protection protects the connected devices from overvoltages and damaging electrical peaks, absorbing excess energy and redirecting it safely to the grounding of the wiring system

Consolidated Power
4 AC sockets and 3 USB ports offer power and charging to a full range of electrical and electronic devices. Insert everything into an electric power strip; turn off or disable everything with a simple click of a switch. It is a perfect addition to your workstation, living room, kitchen or bedroom.

Protection from Cetified-GS
High energy absorption and dissipation of 2200 Joules for better and longer protection against overvoltages and harmful peaks. Dual-break power switch lasts longer than standard switches and provides a greater ability to cut current during overvoltages.

Powerful and Safe
Advanced circuits and integrated protections protect devices against excessive current, overheating and overload. The PA-E05 can ensure safe and convenient feeding


Input: 250 V 16 to 50 Hz
AC output: 250 V 16 to 50 Hz
USB output: 5 V 2.4 A / 12 W total
Total Output Power: 4000 W
Evaluation of Energy Absorption: 2200 Joule
Cable Length: 1.5 m
Dimensions: 316 x 56 x 42 mm
Weight: 625 g

What’s in the box:

  • Aukey PA-E05
  • User manual
  • 24 month warranty


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Italian Review

Aukey PA-E05: Ciabatta Multipresa [RECENSIONE]


Very interesting multi-purpose power strip, perfect for both cable management and the rest. Let’s go and discover it together:

Analyzing it on an aesthetic level I can say that it is an excellent ciabatta, made entirely of white plastic, with as many as 4 Shuko ports and a Shuko socket to be connected to the current.

Analyzing it on a functional level I can say that the company carries out its work to perfection even if I sincerely would have preferred something different, maybe some quick reload or the classic Italian grips rather than the Shuko.

In conclusion, if we are looking for a similar product I think it is an interesting product.

Price/Quality Ratio85
Personal Impression81
Interesting price
Excellent functionality
Only Shuko jacks