Versatile Camera Upgrade
Turn smartphone photography into a true art form. Take shots that stand out from the crowd and don’t be limited by the fixed perspective of your smartphone camera. Experiment with different effects and fields of view.

Universal Compatibility
Easily clips on to any mobile device with included clip. Fits the front and back cameras of most smartphones and tablets, and even works with laptop webcams. Just clip on, focus and click for high impact macro or wide angle images and videos.

Crisp Macro Details
Capture ultra-sharp 10x close-up photos of small scenes and objects. Highlight interesting details and textures of your subject. Fascinate your audience with robust views of tiny subjects and environments.Get Creative
Take images to the next level with spectacular 140° wide angle perspectives. Snap selfies, portraits, flowers, bugs, food, large group photos, cityscapes, or wildlife. Produce stunning, crystal clear images that let you hold on to the moment forever.

What’s in the box

  • Aukey PL-WD07
  • Lens Clip
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • 24 Month Warranty

Italian Review & Video

Aukey ComboLens, Wide & Macro (UNBOXING & RECENSIONE)


Kit very good lens, although it is a bit cumbersome.

In terms of materials and design I say that it really is accurate in every detail, from the plastic coating to the support for smartphones lenses. Very appreciated if you drill a hole in the front of the support, thus allowing the use of the front room also with fitted kit (obviously not the case of the iPhone, but other devices (like HTC) that have the same level both the front camera and the rear.

Really very we appreciated also the choice of providing a very large pleasure hole to insert the lens of our smartphone, so as to allow more devices to the possible use of such a lens.

Functionally, I can say that very, very well this works is that the macro wide angle.

The macro is good since 10x magnification are not few, but not too many, so it’s a good one to take good pictures not getting too close to objects.

As for the wide little to say, personally I really love the wide angle, and once again I was not disappointed by it. The field covers is not very large, but we can be satisfied easily

Price/Quality Ratio85
Personal Impression87
Compact lenses
Good materials
Not too expensive
Wide angle not too big
Use of it is not always convenient