Your well-being depends mainly on the heart

Monitor your heart rate continuously from the wrist to train better, keep track of calories burned and get a more complete picture of your health, all without an uncomfortable chest strap.

Recording the activity of the whole day

Keep track of steps, distance, calories burned, floors up, active minutes and hourly activity with a battery that lasts up to 5 days.

Reminder for the movement

To help you stay active throughout the day, Flex 2 sends Motion Reminders that encourage you to take 250 steps every hour.

Automatic sleep monitoring and alarms

Automatically monitor the duration and regularity of your sleep. Wake up gently with a silent alarm.

Stages of sleep

Using the heartbeat, Charge 2 shows the time spent in the different phases of sleep, light, deep and REM, to better understand the quality of your sleep.

Multi-Sport mode

Record specific workouts, such as running, weight or yoga, to view your training statistics directly on the display

Shared GPS

Connect to your smartphone’s GPS to view real-time running statistics, such as pace and distance, directly on your wrist and a route map after exercise.


Charge 2 automatically records certain workouts, such as hiking, cycling, sports and more, so you do not miss a single step, even if you forget to record the exercise.

Guided breathing sessions

Find the right time to relax during the day with personalized breathing sessions based on your heartbeat in real time.

Call alerts, SMS and calendar

View call alerts, SMS and calendar alerts directly on your wrist, to keep your smartphone away from prying eyes and your goals always under control.

What’s in the box:

  • Fitbit Charge 2
  • Charging cable
  • User Manual

Sensors and components

  • Optical heartbeat tracker
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • Altimeter
  • Vibration motor


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Italian Review

Fitbit Charge 2 [RECENSIONE]


Fitness tracker very interesting even if it can be improved. Let’s go a little bit to talk about it a bit:

Aesthetically it is really very interesting as a product both in terms of shape and materials and colors. The Fitbit smartband is made of glass and stainless steel.

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Regarding size and weight I can say that the band I chose is the one in black with a strap of size L. The band has a width of 21.6mm and a weight of about 149g so it is practically imperceptible during the day.

Speaking a little of the features and functionality of this device I can say that, first of all, integrates a very bright OLED display that allows us to see now and info in any light condition.
Fitbit Charge 2 is proof of sweat, rain, splashes, but can not be worn in the shower or while swimming (in theory), in practice we can take a shower (not very hot and, especially not using aggressive shampoo or shower gel) . The operating temperature varies from -10 ° to 45 ° C and can be used up to a maximum altitude of 9.144 m.
It would certainly have been appreciated the features of the complete waterproofing up to 50m, type.

As for the battery I have to say that, unfortunately, the 5 days guaranteed may vary based on simple fatal software settings.
The first day of use in fact the battery fell immediately from 100 to 0, inexplicably.
After a bit of research I found that the cause of this is the Always On Sync that strongly recommend to disable, so only when we enter the app will synchronize [I remind you that Fitbit Charge 2 integrates a memory that can store all data ].
After the first day like this, making some changes to the setup I managed to get almost 3 days on one charge. IMPROVABLE ASPECT

Speaking of the sensors and features that it integrates I can say that surely the best sensor present is that of the heartbeat, as it turns out to be very precise and continuous, in fact we can have on the app a complete picture of everything.

The hardware I can say is well balanced by an excellent app that allows us to control many parameters such as heartbeat (H24), sleep, weight, activities, steps / calories / steps up, and nutrition.

The interface is very user friendly so it is very easy to understand and this allows us to learn very easily to familiarize ourselves and make us easily understand how to use it to the fullest.
Certainly negative side for iPhone owners is the lack of integration with the Health app (that is also Xiaomi with MiBand has it). There is an alternative, that is Sync Solver, available on the App Store for around € 3 to allow us to synchronize them every time we enter the Fitbit app. SyncSolver is able to integrate almost all the data, except the heartbeat.

Overall as a band I certainly liked it even if certainly improved, considering the price it costs.

Price/Quality Ratio80
Personal Impression80
Monitoring of precise heartbeat
Very accurate sleep monitoring
Beautiful on an aesthetic level
It does not synchronize with the health app
Bad battery
Not waterproof