Final solution for Type C HUB — QacQoc Aluminum GN30H Series

Still messing up with all kinds of usb c hubs?
Here comes the final solution-Our QacQoc Aluminum GN30H Type C HUB Series.
Instant Expansion with comprehensive funtional ports:
-> 1*HDMI port
-> 1*Gigabit RJ45 port
-> 3*USB 3.0 ports
-> 1*SD card slot
-> 1*MicroSD card slot

Full USB-C Functionality
The USB-C hub is able to USB Power Delivery. This enables full-speed MacBook (2015) recharging while simultaneously connected to SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and SD and microSD card.

Ethernet Port
If you’d like to use a wired connection to the internet, the Multi-Port Adapter has you covered. Easily connect to the internet by connecting an Ethernet cable from the Adapter to your router.
If ethernet port of your new MacBook Pro does not work,please feel free to ask us for driver.

SuperSpeed USB 3.0
This hub transfers data over USB at incredible speeds, up to 5Gbps. That’s fast enough to transfer a high-definition movie in seconds.
USB A ports do not support Apple USB SuperDrive.

4K Video Adapter
The HDMI output makes multi-monitor displays a breeze. It provides a simple plug-and-play connection to almost any high-definition display or monitor and supports resolutions up to 4K.
Please ensure you have plug in power supply cable to get HDMI output work properly.

Supported Systems:
Apple OS X Yosemite up to 10.10.2
Apple OS X EI Capitan up to 10.11.5
Windows10 Home up to 1511
Google Chrome OS up to 46.0.2490.82

USB C Devices Compatibility List:
Macbook 2015/Macbook 2016       Data and Charge
Macbook Pro 13”/15”2016/2017   Data and Charge
Google Chromebook 2016               Data and Charge
Microsoft Lumia 950/950XL            Data and Charge

Hua Wei Matebook 2016                Data but Not support Charge.An extra 60W power plug needed for power delivery to work
Dell XPS 13/15 9365/9560            Data but Not support Charge.An extra 45W power plug needed for power delivery to work
Asus ZenBook3/Transformer3 Pro Data but Not support Charge.
Samsung TabPro S                           Data but Not support Charge.
Wacom mobilestudio pro 16          Data but Not support Charge.
Nexus 6P                                           Data but Not support Charge.
Xiaomi Mi Notebook                        Data but Not support Charge.
Lenovo Yoga                                     Data but Not support Charge.
HP Envy/Spectre                              Data but Not support Charge or HDMI

Charging protocol of this hub is PD protocol,it is not compatible with devices based on QC protocol.
Please make sure your computer is based on PD charging protocol.


  1.  The hub’s two USB ports and two sd memory ports have a combined output of 1.5A, devices which need a higher currency may not support, such as Apple SuperDrive (start up currency is 2A at least).
  2. HDMI port does not work with some Dell monitors
  3.  The working temperature of charging chipset is about 40℃/104F

What’s in the box:

  • QacQoc GN30H
  • User Manual
  • Clutch bag for transport


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Italian Review



Interesting, expensive but interesting hub. We’re going to understand better what it is:

Analyzing this hub on an aesthetic level I can say that it is a very well made, super slim and lightweight hub, made of satin metal and available in different colors according to our tastes. The hub has a double finish, metal on the body and plastic on the bottom where there is both the USB-C and the Ethernet port. Excellent layout of the other ports, in fact we find on one side 3 USB-A and an HDMI and on the other the input for SD and Micro SD.

Analyzing this hub on a functional level is to say that it is certainly a very interesting product as it allows you to make the most of a simple USB-C port, allowing us to connect many devices.
The USB-A ports work very well, maintain a good transfer speed (reading and writing) in order with USB 3.0 standard ports (tested with a USB stick of 400Mb / s read and 250Mb / s write). The HDMI port is 2.0, so it supports 21: 9 and 4K screens. As for the Ethernet port I can say that his duty does it well, keeping a good connection over time. Finally, the SD ports are convenient in terms of location and allow us to make the most of the performance of the SD to reduce the time of transfer of photos and videos.

All pink and flowers, except when we talk about price. The price of this Hub is about € 80 (variable price based on color, Amazon and all other factors), or € 10 of the original Apple. Surely two different products in terms of features and functionality, but that are placed in a price range too high to be hubs.

Price/Quality Ratio70
Personal Impression79
Excellent at an aesthetic level
Fantastic features
Price too high