The Samyang 85mm lens is made with mostly glass and aluminum components and the build quality is superb. Its focusing is silky smooth with an internal focusing (IF) mechanism so that the physical size remains constant during focusing.  There are little or no chromatic aberrations and Bokeh is just about perfect.  The lens comes complete with a removable lens hood, lens caps, lens pouch, instruction manual and one year warranty. The lens is available in the following mounts:  Canon, Nikon with auto confirm chip, Pentax, Sony & Olympus 4/3.

What’s in the box:

  • Samyang 85mm
  • Hood
  • User manual


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Italian Review

Samyang 85mm f/1.4 [RECENSIONE]


Good lens, certainly excellent for the price that costs even if not at all perfect.

Aesthetically it is a very nice lens, made entirely of satin metal, with a red rod at the bottom (which recalls the Canon L series lenses, although it is actually light years away), and has a focus ring at the top and one for controlling the opening at the bottom

Speaking a little bit of the lens and how it behaves I can say that:

As can be expected from a lens at these lengths with aperture f / 1.4, of course, the bokeh is excellent and the areas out of focus very soft, almost to create the studio backdrops.

Vignetting is clearly visible on FX from f / 1.4 but disappears if it closes at f / 2.8. On DX it is not particularly evident even at maximum aperture.
It is however to be said that with color correction and photo editing programs we can easily remove it

The focusing ring is very precise and of the right hardness. It must be said that it is very difficult for the naked eye to go and take the right focus, but with software like Magic Lantern we can focus on the smallest details.

In conclusion I can say the following thing:

My Samyang returns to Amazon and will be replaced by a Canon 85mm (or Sigma) because it feels too much lack of stabilization, and therefore often requires the use of a tripod or a surface, an autofocus (often on the outside it goes well if we have to take pictures for events or stuff) and, the diaphragm control on the lens does not always come back comfortably.

Given that I love this lens on a tripod, but I think if we want to use it to do street photography or other is not as good as you can think

Price/Quality Ratio80
Personal Impression70
Great price
Very bright
All manual