AUKEY smartphone targets 3 in 1 offers three additional lenses to your phone that make it the most serious shooting. You can bring in the bag.
Fisheye Lens 180 Degrees
Fisheye lens with a strong visual impact and allows you to take the personalized and professional photos. It can broaden horizons, demonstrating the unusual artistic effect.

Wide Angle Lens 110 degrees
wide angle lens with which you can take a great scene circle without any deformations. It is a good choice to take the wide scene.

12X / 24X Macro Lens
This micro lens is divided 12X and 24X, 24X and the combination is the single lens is 12X. The micro lens is dedicated to nearby shooting, the little details of plants and animals visible, the nuances of shooting material presented in your phone to help you discover and explore the microscopic world.

1. After the upper part of 24X macro lens is stowed, the lens will become 12X.
2. Please use the Marco Lens with a distance between 0.4-0.6 inch from the object final.
3. If the original lens of the phone or tablet is in the center, has to consider the length of the clip if it is suitable.
4. If the picture is not clear, please remove the top cover and try again. After use, do not forget to cover the lid and put it in the package so as not to destroy the lens.

What’s in the box

  • 1 x Aukey Fisheye Lens
  • 1 x Wide Angle Lens Aukey
  • 1 x Aukey Macro Lens
  • 3 x Clips
  • 1 x cleaning cloth
  • 1 x Package to be preserved
  • 1 x Warranty Card (24 Months Warranty)

Italian Review & Video

Aukey Set di Obiettivi per Smartphone (UNBOXING & RECENSIONE)


Good Kit at the macro levels though the fisheye wide angle does not have impressed me much.

The fisheye lens: I did not like it too much, because it give you back the classic black circle around the photo.
The wide lens: In my opinion, it is not too wide, 110 °, Aukey have to expands it only 20/30 ° vision. Excellent for those who still do not look super backgrounds in photographs.
The macro lens, or better macro lenses, are fabulous.

Price/Quality Ratio95
Personal Impression87
macro lenses fabulous
The Fish-eye lens is presented with a black circle
Wide angle not much good