Your Link to Stunning Sound All Around
AUKEY AudioLink is a remarkably flexible and potent sound system. Start with one speaker for powerful, room-filling sound. Add up to seven more to expand to other rooms around the house. Create an amazing setup for linked multi-room play or continuous coverage over a large, open area. Individually, these speakers pack a punch; together, they’re a knockout.

Audio to Astound
Two high-performance 10W drivers, two passive bass radiators, and an advanced DSP (digital signal processor) power the audio in AudioLink. Combine speakers together to magnify or expand the stunning sound. Switch each unit to left, right, or stereo channel and choose boosted bass or treble for your ideal speaker system setup.

Freedom to Party
This advanced multi-room system adapts to your diverse needs. Switch on one for personal performance or several to expand coverage throughout the house. Even take it out into the yard or another open space. Whether you’re having a party for 1 or 100, AudioLink makes it happen.

Simple to Setup
Works with phones, tablets, computers, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Instantly connect to any one AudioLink speaker via Bluetooth 4.2. Connect additional AudioLink speakers to this master speaker using built-in 5.8GHz wireless technology. A total of eight speakers can be linked to form one extensive sound system.

24-Month Warranty
Whether it’s your first AUKEY purchase or you’re back for more, rest assured that we’re in this together: All AUKEY products are backed by our 24-Month Product Warranty.

What’s in the box

  • AUKEY SK-A6 AudioLink Wireless Speaker
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • User Manual
  • 45-Day Money Back Guarantee and 24-Month Warranty Card


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Italian Review

Aukey SK-A6: Speaker Bluetooth [RECENSIONE]


But seriously? That is, so small and so powerful? WOW!
Let’s go find it together:

First of all speaking of the aesthetics of this speaker I can say that it is really well done, made entirely with premium and well-worked materials. Excellent metal satin finish featuring the 4 main speaker faces, the other two (the upper and lower ones are made of rubber). Great ride and position of the keys and microphone.
In the back there are also two ports (a Micro USB and a Jack) covered by a rubber cap.
The dimensions are super compact and the weight maybe is a bit too accentuated, but simple details are easily negligible.

Analyzing this functional mini speaker I can only say WOW, both for features and for audio.
First of all, this as well as being a speaker is also, and above all, an AudioLink, which allows us to connect up to 8 other Aukey SK-A6 simultaneously.
Pressing the + and – Volume Control buttons simultaneously for about 2 seconds, we can change the equalization modes: ExtraBass or ExtraHigh.
The sound of this speaker is simply unique, beautiful deep, sharp and defined with well-balanced, medium-high and low-pitched bass at the right point.

Overall I love this speaker, and definitely is one of my favorites. Cost is not the cheapest, so you need enough money to get a great AudioLink.

Price/Quality Ratio85
Personal Impression96
Aesthetically fabulous
Small size
Excellent features
Price a bit too high
Not too easy to configure AudioLink mode