Virtual Reality Anywhere 
Teleport to a world of virtual reality. Be immersed in a roller coaster ride, take a virtual tour of Paris, experience the world of Avatar anywhere from your couch to a beach chair. Explore a new form of entertainment and indulge in the limitless possibilities of VR.

Comfortable, Compatible 
The VR-03 is designed for maximum comfort – Soft foam cushion conforms to your face shape and adjustable head straps adapt to both small and large head size. Turn the focus dial and adjust the lens width dial to find the right focal distance and lens alignment. Use with phones between 4.7” to 5.5” in size.

24 Month Warranty 
Whether it’s your first AUKEY purchase or you’re back for more, rest assured that we’re in this together: All AUKEY products are backed by our 24 Month Product Warranty.

What’s in the box

  • Aukey VR-O3
  • User Manual

Italian Review & Video



So, in terms of aesthetics they are very beautiful these glasses although some downside level of functionality it went to encounter.

First of all there are two models, this reviewed is the model that allows the use of smartphones up to 5.5 “(iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, …)

That said, going to analyze it in detail we can say that, in terms of aesthetics is all very well taken care of, even in terms of materials, etc …
A level of functionality I can say that some flaw often goes to meet just think that if you would use YouTube to watch videos to 360, very often ruotandoci, the device also tends to rotate its orientation. Another downside, in my opinion a smartphone so close to the eyes, from boredom to the eye.

The price is not too high and I recommend you try it out, maybe to let me know then if you did the same effect.

Price/Quality Ratio85
Personal Impression72
Good materials and features
It is not very convenient to use
It disturbs the sight