Final Cut Pro X, the best editing-programs for Mac OS X!

Thanks to this tutorial you can get it (10.3 Version) for FREE.


Come scaricare Final Cut Pro X, GRATIS! [TUTORIAL]

fcp_colorboard_big-1Lets get started:

  1. Open Google Chrome on your Mac
  2. Click here to start the DOWNLOAD -> LINK HERE
  3. Now we have to wait that the FCPX.dmg file is totally downloaded and after that we have to wait, without clicking, few minutes.
    After 5 minutes, over the Download file, it will appare a message: This type of file can harm your computer, do you want to keep FCPX.dmg anyway?
    We have to click Keep
  4. After clicking, it will appare a uncompressing message. We have now to wait.
    BE CAREFUL: Now you have only to wait, you have not to click on Skip
  5. After few minute, it will appare the Installing Windows: Now we have to drag Final Cut Pro X 10.3 on the Application Folder
  6. After that we have to wait all the installation and than you can finally enjoy your Final Cut Pro X 10.3

maxresdefault-5This is an ONLY Informational and Illustrative Tutorial. We are not responsible for any problem that was created after following this guidance.