Wonderful intelligence
For iPhone 8 we have created a new glass design, an evolved version of the most beloved camera in the world, and the most powerful and intelligent chip that a smartphone has ever had. We gave him the simplicity of wireless charging and augmented reality technologies never seen before. Here is iPhone 8: a new generation of iPhone.

Glass design
The new iPhone 8 is wrapped in the toughest glass ever seen on a smartphone, surrounded by a tone-on-tone profile in aerospace aluminum. And you can choose from three new beautiful finishes in sidereal gray, silver and gold.

Faster CPU
Introducing A11 Bionic. It has four high-efficiency cores up to 70% faster than the A10 Fusion chip. And two high performance cores up to 25% more snappy.

What’s in the box:

  • iPhone 8
  • Lightning to USB cable
  • 5W USB power supply
  • EarPods earphones with Lightning connector
  • Lightning adapter to headphone jack (3.5 mm)


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Italian Review



Well certainly a great innovation compared to iPhone 7 … Ah, NO!

So talking a little bit of Apple’s choices we can well understand that an iPhone X (totally different from the other iPhone) would definitely displaced all, ok, so to avoid risk has opted for a model S who called iPhone 8 … (lately I do not understand very much Apple’s choices)
Until a few years ago with the change of the number we also had notable aesthetic improvements and with the S generation of internal hardware updates.

Leaving aside this small and short intro we move on to the actual review.

Aesthetically Apple has done a masterpiece by inserting the glass in the back, in fact, the chances of breaking the glass now have increased significantly thanks to the glass in both the front and back.
It ‘really very nice I know, but this glass attracts scratches and fingerprints in a scandalous ergo, dear Apple but a glass Gorilla Glass 9H super resistant / oleophobic / sapphire would not be better?
It must be said that even in this iPhone we do not have a physical Home button, just like on the iPhone 7/7 Plus, we have a camera increased compared to that of the 6S, in terms of form.
In conclusion, it’s an iPhone 7 with a glass back (both aesthetically and clearly).
The available colors are 3: Silver, Gold, Sidereal Gray (like the reviewed model).

Analyzing this iPhone in the field I can say that the improvements introduced compared to the previous model are found everywhere, both as regards the camera (given the improvements made on the focal aperture and the new features introduced) and as regards the speed of app loading and operating system.
iPhone 8 in just 13 seconds manages to turn on and ask for the password (if any) for the first unlock.
The apps all run very smooth, thanks to the A11 Bionic chip, both for games (more or less heavy graphics), both for the AR, both for all the apps that an average user uses (social , email, safari, …).

Good really fast charging even if, with some covers, it can not connect.

Overall, is it worth buying this iPhone and investing all this money?
So if we have an iPhone 7 the answer is NO 100%, while if we want to be cooler than Tim Cook then well, it is useless to answer since it will already be in your cart.
If you own an iPhone 6s, the answer is SNI more to NO.
If you own an iPhone 6, even in this case I would say SNI but let’s say it is still tending to a NO. The iPhone 6, apart from that fold, still work quite well. Ok is not the best, but for now it’s still good.
If you have an iPhone 5S or earlier, then YES.

64Gb or 256Gb? I have opted for 64Gb, since it is now my memory cut. 256Gb are many and often useless, but if you need it (I hope not for games or apps like that, but for a more professional use) then 256Gb can go.

Price/Quality Ratio75
Personal Impression70
Premium materials
Super Processor
Uncompressed memory cuts
Glass everywhere is damaged that is a marvel
Same design for years