Proximo is compatible with: iPhone 5s / 5c / 5 / 4S and iPad Air / 4th / 3rd Gen Samsung Galaxy S4 / S3, Samsung Note, Samsung Tab 3 10.1 with Android version 4.2 or later. There is no compatibility with additional products outside of the ones mentioned above. Ideal for attaching to an object of value choice. It emits a warning sound and is localized via the dedicated APP. The Bluetooth name plate can also be combined with an existing Proximo monitoring kits. With Proximo, researched your valuables will be just a distant memory because Proximo is designed to help you regain your phone or valuables easily and to avoid losing again. Equipped with a dedicated application, the Bluetooth device detectable Proximo leverages hardware and software together. Through Bluetooth Smart technology, simply configuring a wireless connection between your smartphone or tablet and the keychain or plate. The dashboard application Proximo is “always on” and is able to detect up to five objects simultaneously. Proximo will notify you every time straying from your smartphone or key rings, while the application will help you find the same key ring or plate with the push of a button. In addition the Proximo app installed on your iPhone or Galaxy, will allow you to easily track key chain and plate, as well as avoid you to forget them. Thanks to Proximo, regain your phone or your valuables from now it will be easy

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Kensington Proximo Tag (UNBOXING & RECENSIONE)


good idea even if the price is too high for a product which in the end is less than many others can be purchased for a lot less. However overall good device. The only flaw, not least, that does not take much to move the internal battery that takes issue with no sound check.

Price/Quality Ratio30
Personal Impression45
Too high price for this product
The battery is not stable