This Komputerbay 600X UHS 1 128GB SDXC memory card allows you to download and store a huge number of photos, music, videos, and other media files to your SDXC-compatible electronic device. It offers a built-in security feature which allows you to store, play, and download secure content. The card can be used in digital cameras, digital camcorders, digital printers, and other SDXC-enabled devices. Komputerbay SDXC memory cards provide an easy to use, high performance storage solution for all your data files so you don’t need to worry about running out of internal memory.

Ultra Speed

Class 10 UHS 1 600X performance rating ensures that the data stored on your card can be recorded, played back, and transferred quickly and easily, granting you full access to all your images, videos, and other files with little delay!

Ultra Compatibility

Compatible not just with cameras, but with any device with an SDXC slot, this card can be used with an array of different modern devices including netbooks and tablet PCs as a shared file storage and transfer medium.

Ultra Reliability

Backed by a lifetime limited guarantee, you can have confidence in the quality of your card and its ability to withstand some of life’s toughest conditions to continue to provide you with a long-lasting, reliable memory storage solution throughout its own lifetime and that of your SDXC compatible device.

Please check compatibility with your device or its manufacturer. This card is only compatible with SDXC-labeled host devices – it is NOT compatible with standard SD & SDHC devices.

What’s in the box

  • Memory Card 128GB

Italian Review & Video



Initially for my Canon EOS 700D I had chosen a 32Gb SDXC, only that the space was rather relative therefore, not exaggerating, I opted for something bigger for both stills and video.

Really very quick and fast in both reading and writing. RECOMMENDED

Price/Quality Ratio100
Personal Impression95
Super speed is in writing and reading