Your body adapts when performing the same exercises, which causes limited results and fewer calories burned. Counter this by exploring all Moov sports to change up your routine and work your body in new ways.

Intelligent audio and visual coaching gives you more than just status updates. It educates, pushes, and encourages you. Form tracking prevents injury and doesn’t let cheating slide.

No matter how dirty, sweaty, or wet your workout gets, MOOV NOW can handle it.

Don’t deal with the hassle of frequent charging. MOOV NOW has an easy to change battery that lasts 6 months.

Moov’s Omni Motion sensor uses military and gaming technology to capture & analyze your motion in 3D.

What’s in the box

  • Moov Now
  • Leg Strap
  • User Manual

Italian Review & Video



YEAH! Thats fantastic!
In my opinion this product is the perfect fitness tracker. I’ve test it for two month, I use it during my swimming session, during my running session and to make a lot of exercises with my virtual personal trainer. I love this product because with not too much money you can buy a perfect fitness tracker with a lot of fantastic features.

Price/Quality Ratio95
Personal Impression95
A lot of features
It is not too expensive