Hey guys, I’m Leo, now I show you the Hack GO Pokémon updated to version 1.7.0. This tutorial remember that IT DOES NOT REQUIRE THE JAILBREAK!

The main difference that we find between the two methods (With PC and Without PC) is: the PC-free method is a very simple Hack, on the contrary the PC method give you and included a lot of new features. To you the choice.

Before beginning I wanted to make a preamble: DON’T MAKE LONG TRAVEL WITH THE TELEPORT, you risk SOFTBAN IN THE GAME (blocked account for 4 hours).

  1. Uninstall Pokémon GO App from your iDevice
  2. Connect to a PC (Windows or Mac) your iDevice
  3. On our PC, you have to DOWNLOAD Cydia Impactor [DOWNLOAD HERE]
    If you have just this app, you must update your version to the latest if you want to hack Pokémon GO. In the app click Impactor and after Check for Update
  4. Now you have go to decompress the file (CydiaImpactor Download) in a new folder
  5. Open this folder
  6. Open the app by right-clicking on it and after click the Open Button
  7. Now you have to drag the Pokémon GO Hack [DOWNLOAD .IPA] on Cydia Impactor
  8. After that you have to click on the right side of the program, Start
  9. Well, now the program ask your Apple ID.
    No problem, you enter your data that only use to test your real identity and that you are not robots
  10. After that click, Enter
  11. And after click, OK
  12. In the first free page on your Home Screen, you will see a new Pokémon GO App
  13. Now if you try to open it, you’ll notice that it will tell you that the Developer is not Authorized
  14. Then we go to Settings> General> Profiles or Device Management, and authorize the developer called as the email of our Apple ID
  15. If even now, clicking on the usual message should appear, reboot the device
  16. After all this passage, now you can enjoy your Hack

NOTICE: The time required is minimal and the hack requires you to be resubmitted every 7 days

If you are looking for the Italian Version, this is another one tutorial

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 This is an ONLY Informational and Illustrative Tutorial. We are not responsible for any problem that was created after following this guidance.