Controlled by your smartphone. Upgrade your scooter to make it smart, better looking and connected. This scooter sat nav is a waterproof smartphone second screen for your ride with at-a-glance navigation, traffic avoidance and caller display. That means faster commutes, easier exploration and your phone can stay tucked away safely. Pick a colour, pair up and get moving without limits.

See who’s calling with a glance at your scooter sat nav screen. Your smartphone stays stored in your pocket. Your TomTom VIO is synced with your smartphone, so if a call comes in you’ll see the caller’s name and picture on your sat nav screen.

What’s in the box

  • TomTom VIO
  • Silicone Case
  • Scooter Mount
  • Charger Cable (Micro USB)
  • User Manual

Italian Review & Video



IT IS FANTASTIC. I’ve test it on a scooter because I’ve sold my Honda CBR some month ago. It has a simple design, with a very reactive touchscreen. It is very useful for rider because you can use a Sat Nav comfortably, without using strange mount for your smartphone. TomTom VIO also help all the people in the daily routine because, thanks to it, you can save time when you find traffic because it gives you an alternate route, you can see who is calling you, and you can find easily every place.

Personally i love it so much, and for this reason i recommend it.

Price/Quality Ratio95
Personal Impression95
Simple design
Reactive touchscreen
Very useful