Pen and paper is easy and essential for thinking, creating and dreaming. Our notebooks are often a second brain: a place to keep ideas, lists, notes safe.

Bamboo Spark is here to bridge your trusted notebook with your digital world. It saves your notes digitally as you write. No scans or pictures. Just paper, pen and your ideas.

Use Wacom Inkspace to access and share your converted handwritten notes on any device. The new Ink-to-Text Lite feature lets your turn your digital notes into plain text for archiving or sharing via email or other apps. Ink-to-Text Lite provides a search function and is supported in 13 languages.

Once your notes are saved digitally, pick up your Android or iOS device with Bluetooth Smart Ready technology and organize or edit them with the Bamboo Spark app. Don’t worry if you’re not near your smartphone save up to 100 pages in the internal memory of Bamboo Spark and sync later.

Want to email or save your notes in Evernote, Dropbox or Slack? Export the files in a JPG or PDF format. Or use the Inkspace app with Wacom Cloud to turn your handwritten notes into plain text.

What’s in the box

  • Wacom CDS-600G
  • Pen + 2x Recharge
  • Book

Italian Review & Video



Well I must say that it does its job perfectly. I use it at the University and in my opinion every students must have this product because thanks to it you can write, draw everything and in not too much time, you can sync it with your smartphone. It’s not too expensive and it work very well.
I recommend it.

Price/Quality Ratio90
Personal Impression85
It work very well
Very useful